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09.04.2015 Keep bike insurance premiums down


Got your bike but low on dosh? You still need insurance before you can get your wheels on the road. Statistically, young drivers and riders – under the age of 25 – are more likely to be involved in a collision. That’s why insurers charge you more. Lucky for you, we know 10 smart ways to bag the best insurance deal for your two wheels:

1. Keep your wheels in a locked garage – off the road.

2. Avoid flash modifications – they’re very nickable and pricey to replace, so insurers charge to cover them.

3. Keep your mileage down – fewer miles means less risk. No road trips for a few years.

4. Don’t buy a high-performance bike.

5. Do an advanced course – insurers may lop off 15% for an Enhanced Rider Scheme or BikeSafe.

6. Ride sensibly to avoid points on your licence.

7. Fit an alarm and immobiliser.

8. Get a ground anchor and chain your bike to it.

9. Shop around – get at least three quotes to compare.

10. Look for deals – makers sometimes cut you a juicy deal. For instance, Kymco and Aprilia discount insurance for under 25-year-olds buying a new ride. Check the terms and conditions in case the premium rockets after a year.