To find out about an opportunity to get some ‘pre’ driver experience in Essex in an off road environment go to:

Chelmsford Yound Driver Scheme

Colchester Young Driver Scheme

Earles Colne Young Driver Scheme

27.04.2016 Further bike training


“Biking becomes an adventure, wherever you go. When you’re on a bike, you can’t lose concentration or you put yourself in a huge amount of danger,” says comedian Ross Noble.

Run by the police – but that’s a good thing. Your friendly copper will talk through some brief theory, with vids, before you get out on the road for an ‘observed ride’. Good cop follows you on your bike – on town and rural roads – and tells you what you’re doing well and not so well.

Enhanced Rider Scheme
From the DSA. You take an ERS assessment, done by a registered trainer, to suss out your motor strengths. If your riding skills are bang on, you’ll get an ERS certificate and be on your bike. But if you’re a bit dodgy, the assessor works out a personal plan to sharpen up your particular skills. Insurers like the ERS and they will lop some dosh off your bike premium.