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09.04.2015 Top 10 reasons for car breakdowns


“I’m a shocking driver,” says England cricketer Freddie Flintoff. “I’ve had lots of minor scrapes in the past but the worst was when I filled up my Volkswagen Touareg with petrol instead of diesel. I broke down in rush hour.”

1. Flat battery

2. Flat tyre or tyre blowout

3. Keys locked in vehicle or keys lost

4. Electrical fault

5. Transmission failure (includes a bust clutch).

6. No petrol. Doh!

7. Blown head gasket – ouch. This seals the cylinders in your engine.

8. Starter motor problems

9. Other engine probs – for instance, your alternator.

10. Mis-fuelling – sticking petrol in a diesel car.