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10.04.2015 Probationary period


 You’ve passed your test, you’ve got your wheels, you’re ready to hit the road… Well, take it easy because for the first two years after you pass your driving test, you only need six points to lose your shiny, new licence (normally it’s 12 points). And if you lose your licence, you’ll have to reapply and re-sit your driving test (theory and practical) all over again. What a hassle!  If you get points for using using your mobile phone, your insurers are likely to crank up your premiums by another 20%

“When it came to the driving test, I already had nine points on my licence,” says Gavin & Stacey star James Corden. “I’d been driving a scooter around. It could do 43mph at a push but I drove it at 43mph everywhere I went. A few months after passing my test, I got pulled over in my Golf and got banned. The car had to sit in my dad’s garage for six months.”

And get this for a shocker: you can even get penalty points as a learner driver and these will stay on your licence after you pass your test. Penalty points stay on a licence for between four and 11 years.

Need any more incentive to drive safe?